Religious Education


Through the teaching of RE, children learn the essential knowledge of different religions and worldviews, as well as skills and attitudes such as critical thinking and empathy. This understanding of others’ worldviews is a crucial first step to enabling each pupil to understand, reflect on and develop their own worldview, which is closely linked to our school vision.

In weekly lessons (KS1: 50 mins; KS2: 1 hour) we make use of experiential learning, using artefacts, drama and visits to and from school to enable our children to learn about the key beliefs and practices of believers from different religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Humanism. We also learn key values and concepts linked to each faith. The school chaplain visits the school fortnightly to deliver an assembly and the children visit The Royal Chapel for end of term and Sunday services.

We encourage our learners to make links within each religion back to their own beliefs and practices. Developing an understanding of the commonalities and universal themes present between different faiths helps our children develop respect towards their local and global communities and aids them in becoming rounded global citizens. We follow the Discovery RE scheme of work as a basis for our RE curriculum. At times classes may move away from the scheme to follow pupils’ lines of enquiry or to incorporate special events and visitors to the school.

We track children’s RE knowledge and development in the same way that all curriculum areas are tracked throughout their time at The Royal School.