At The Royal School, mathematics is taught through cross-curricular topics and outdoor education whenever possible. This allows children to add relevance to mathematical learning.  We encourage children in Reception, KS1 and KS2 to play and experiment with maths.  This is facilitated by readily available maths equipment, and open ended questions, as well as the use of maths games and play equipment available in outdoor areas that promote maths.

The time spent on focused mathematics teaching is approximately 30 minutes to one hour a day.  Sometimes, lessons may be blocked together for extended sessions rather than the experience being limited to just one hour per day.  Teaching methods are varied according to need and teacher preference at any given time. The activity under consideration and the location of such an activity will be taken into account.  At both key stages mathematics will be taught as activities for a whole class, small group or individuals as appropriate.

Children in Reception and KS1 have opportunities to consolidate and extend their learning through continuous provision.

At The Royal School, we follow a - concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This means that across all areas of maths, children will experience using resources and real objects before learning how these would be represented in pictures. Finally, when they are ready, they will move onto the abstract/traditional calculation.

Children are given the opportunity to become fluent with a concept or area of maths. i.e. they learn to do the calculation or question, as well as being given a chance to reason and problem solve, to further develop their mathematical skills and use their understanding in a range of contexts.

We use the White Rose Maths Hub schemes of learning to guide our maths teaching, as well as drawing on other resources. Children from Year 1 upwards have a mathletics account, and all children have access to a Timestables Rock Star Account.