Our Aim

At The Royal School through our vision and values we aim to provide and deliver excellent teaching and learning opportunities that allow children to:
  • explore and develop their own values, beliefs and spiritual awareness,
  • demonstrate high standards of personal behaviour,
  • be inspired to achieve their fullest potential through challenging and supporting them in their learning and interests,
  • understand their social and cultural traditions and appreciate the diversity and richness of others’,
  • acquire the key skills of communication, literacy and numeracy that will enable them to adapt to a changing society,
  • nurture a lifelong attitude of awe, wonder, thankfulness, curiosity and a love of learning in a variety of learning environments. 
We aim for children to be given excellent care and guidance to help them be safe, to develop physical well-being and emotional maturity,
We aim to engage with the community in which the school sits, as well as the community that it embodies as we ‘SHINE!'.