Year 2 - Puffins

The curriculum map, that can be downloaded below, was put together to meet the needs of the Puffins’ class for the 2021-22 school year at the end of the 2020-21 school year. 


Teachers adapt planning for the needs of the children throughout the year. Some topics are better suited for remote learning rather than in person learning.  Should we need to resume remote learning during the year,  some areas may be taught out of the planned order.  Please check with the class teacher or Headteacher if you would like up to date details of which areas of the curriculum have been covered to date.

Autumn 1 Topic Map for pupils and families.  
Fick through this term’s learning outline below.
The following downloadable objectives show the academic content of the English National Curriculum for Year 2.
Teachers review children's learning against the objectives from  previous years through discussion and observation.  They build learning experiences based on the individual starting point of children in the class. 
Children in Year 2, this year (2021-22), are scheduled to sit the National Phonics Screening in Autumn 2.
They are scheduled to sit the end of KS1 SATs in May 2022.