Royal School News

It has been an exciting and busy time at The Royal School since the previous newsletter.  During anti-bullying week the children have been learning how kindness is the opposite of bullying.  There were activities in all of the classrooms about what bullying is and what to do if you see bullying happening.


We had have had a great start to advent with our first advent candle lit, the Christmas tree up and a group of children representing the school at Windsor Castle to sing carols under the tree.  Thank you to those parents that assisted in the set up for our advent assembly. A special thank you to Mrs. Wren for making an Advent Wreath for our candles this year.


Thankyou to the PTA for a successful Christmas Fair on Friday afternoon.  It was lovely to see everyone out enjoying the stalls. 


There are many special events coming up over the last few weeks of the term please do get in touch if there is anything that you are unsure about.  I have put a downloadable pdf copy of all of the events below for reference.


I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our outdoor “Nativity in Wellies” on the 9th and 10th December.


Kind Regards

Bev Coombridge


A window into some of our learning over the last two weeks.
Wrens' Class
Robins' Class
Puffins Class
Owls' Class
In Owls' class we have been learning to recognise bullying behavior and to find ways to be kind to each other.  We also learnt to play jingle bells on the trumpet.
Swans Class

Swans joined with Owls and had a road safety lesson, as a part of Road Safety Week, where they learnt the green cross code. They had lots of fun learning the different actions and even got a bag to take home with some homework!


Swans spent the afternoon learning about Hanukkah celebration foods and why Jewish people eat oily foods and foods cooked in oil during the 8 day celebration - they really enjoyed decorating their doughnuts after designing a limited edition Hanukkah doughnut!


The Swans’ class want to give a big thank you to Mr Craker for supplying Swans with wood and foliage to create fantastic advent wreaths and for the mini Christmas tree too!