The Royal School News
Sparkle week edition
We have been finding ways to let our learning sparkle and shine so that everyone can see the great things we have been learning this term.
The Owls class showing great team work and collaboration in their ‘Pyramid Challenge’ in the woods. The children worked together to build pyramids.
The school library has now reopened. Thank you to all the parent volunteers that helped unpack boxes and stack shelves.
If you have any library books yet to be returned please could you send them in to school with your child.
Congratulations to the Robins Class for completing 21 laps of the playground for the 2021 challenge. They demonstrated fantastic determination.

Please can all sponsorship money be returned by Friday 22nd October. 
Pupil Report -Sparkle in Swans - written by Hattie.

Swans have been busy throughout the week making, writing, exploring and describing their learning.

The first thing that they did was a newspaper report on the Battle of Marathon in Ancient Greece.

Then, they made Greek pots and decorated them with geometric patterns. Finally, they wrote fact files about the pots they had created.

They learnt about Pandora’s box, the story of Icarus and about the gods. They made sketches of the gods using shading and even made a top trump card about the god they had sketched!

Swans learnt two fun songs and made a prop to go with one.

Sparkle week has been really fun in swans and they really look forward to their next sparkle week!
Pupil Report - Sparkle Week - written by Mila.

In sparkle week we have been doing lots of writing and have also been doing some sketching of Greek Gods, I drew Aphrodite. We also have made some top trumps for our gods.
Monday 18th October is the final day to bring in donations for our Harvest gift to the local food bank.  Thank you for all of the food items donated so far.
Monday 18th October is also the day for children to bring in their entry to the "design the perfect Headteacher competition".  Our pupil advocate Governor, Mrs Aspden will come into school to look through the entries and talk to the children.  Their will be a prize for someone who has put a lot of thought and care into their entry.  All of the children's entries will be used to help our headteacher appointment panel consider the children's priorities when advertising for our new Headteacher.
School Lunches Please ensure that all school lunches are now ordered using the online ordering system. Lunches must be ordered by midnight the night before, and can be ordered in advance for any period of time. Log in details have been sent out to all parents but if for any reason you have not received the details, please contact the school office. Thank you.
Parent Teacher Meetings
We have parent teacher meetings scheduled Wednesday next week.  We are giving parents the option of either an in person or online meeting.  If you are attending in person the meeting will be in your child's classroom.  Your child's books will be in the school hall for you to look through before meeting with the teacher.  Please wear a face covering, if you are able to, when inside school.  
Appointments for next week can be made online on your child's class TEAM.  If you have any problems with logging on please contact your child's teacher to issue new login details.

Friday 22nd October, which is the last day of this school term. To allow staff to attend the funeral of George Cross we will finish school for the day at 1.15pm. We understand that not everyone will be able to collect their children at 1.15pm, so there will be a skeleton staff on site during the afternoon. Please e-mail the school office by Wednesday 20th October if your child cannot be collected until 3.20pm. There will still be an after-school club run by Sports4Kids.   

There will be a card in the Vinery Hall throughout the week next week if you would like to leave a message of condolence for the Cross family.  



Message from the Puffins' Class

 We are writing to inform you about our Under the Sea day.  On Thursday 21st  October, the school are holding an Under the Sea day where you can dress up as an animal from under the sea. We would like to encourage you all to try and make your own costumes using any items you can recycle from home.


Please bring a donation for charity on the day. The money that we raise will go to Marine Conservation Society which will protect the sea creatures from plastic pollution in the sea. 




We are going to design and create an outdoor art exhibit on the day.  Please bring three clean plastic items that would have been thrown away to school to add to our under the sea creation.


We can't wait to see all of the costumes!


"Now that I have put you on a hilltop, a light stand SHINE!  Keep open house, be generous with your life"  Matthew 5:15
Sparkle week is always a special week at school.  We encourage the children to focus on what they have learnt over the previous term and to communicate that learning to others.  We use the term making your learning sparkle with the children. We hope to help them understand that others cannot always see learning, as it happens within, but they can identify and sometimes find ways they can show learning. 
The skills involved in reviewing learning , reflecting on a change within us, communicating that change and planning next steps are essential tools for the future.  They are complex skills, however, every term I am amazed by the children's ideas, creativity, communication and passion for learning new things.   Royal School children really do make their learning sparkle and shine!
I hope that over the next week you are able to sample some of that learning from your child as you look at the pictures and videos on the class Teams page, talk to the teacher next week, and look through your child's book.
Kind Regards
Bev Coombridge