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Can you help?

On Wednesday at 17th November we are looking for some parents to meet with our Diocese School Advisor, Marian Standing, at 3.00pm for 20 minutes. 

Marian is collecting views from our community about how they see the school vision in action.  It is really useful to hear from a wide range of people and we will use your views as part of evaluating the school’s impact and planning for the future.

If you are able, please do drop into the school hall on Wednesday at 3:00pm to talk to Marian.

Thank you

Thank you very much to the family who refilled the plant troughs at the front of the school. They will add a wonderful touch of colour over the winter. The troughs at the front of the school were gifted to the school by the Queen Mother and each year we invite the families of Year 4 children to participate in their upkeep.
Owls class really enjoyed visiting Runnymede Airforce Memorial. We painted remembrance pebbles and then placed them as a wreath at the memorial. We then enjoyed a long walk back to school. Well done Owls!
Swans Class created a poppy wreath made from recycling and stood at the school flagpole for 2 minutes of silence to remember all of those who have been lost to war.
Wrens Class have been learning about Remembrance Day. We looked at the book "Where the poppies grow" and we made our own poppies. It was good hearing some of the stories that Wrens had to share about family members that had been in the armed forces.
Puffins have been learning about acrostic poems, where the subject is written vertically at the side. We have used our knowledge of Remembrance Day to write our own acrostic poem, remembering our heroes who have fought in wars throughout the years. We used the words, 'Hero', 'Remember' and 'Remembrance' to help us! 
This week we are focusing on anti-bullying in assemblies and classes.  It is really good to hear from our children that they think that The Royal School is a kind and safe place to be.  Even though we do not see bullying behavior in school very often we do think it is important to talk to the children about what bullying is and how we can play our part to make sure The Royal School continues to be a kind and safe place.  Throughout the week I will share with you some of the resources that we have used with children so that you can also continue the conversation at home if you wish.  If the discussions during the week bring up any issues that you think we should be aware of please do contact your child's class teacher or myself.
As we look forward to the start of advent I am looking for a few parent volunteers to help with preparations.  We need a few people who will be able to assist in putting up some outdoor lights.  This will involve ladders and power tools! I am also looking for a group of people to unpack and sort nativity costumes so that we can ensure that we have all we need.   Please let Mrs Fowler know if you are able to assist (or take the lead) with either of these jobs.
Have a wonderful week
Kind Regards
Bev Coombridge
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind" This is the greatest commandment. The second most important is "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"
Matthew 22:37-40