At The Royal School, writing is taught in integrated topics to give purpose for writing.  All children are given the opportunity to develop an extended piece of writing weekly, reviewing and editing as they go.  Each child has a “sparkle book” that is used for an unsupported piece of writing each month.  Children are guided to self-assess looking at their development and deciding with the teacher the next step to work on.

Teachers have access to and use a range of resources chosen to support and develop the children within their class.

Children in EYFS and KS1 have regular handwriting lessons they often start their writing time with muscle warm-ups including “Dough Disco”. They work in specific handwriting books from Year 1.  In EYFS we concentrate on mark-making and proper letter formation (manuscript or print style). From year one children are taught a cursive style. Year 1 begins with single letter cursive followed by the joining of letters. in Year 2 children use continual cursive style for the majority of work

If a new pupil enters the school, and they already have a neat and fluent style, then it is acceptable for them to keep that style. Equally, by Year 3, if a child has not learnt continuous cursive handwriting, their individual needs will be assessed, and a decision made as to whether it is beneficial to learn a new style of writing. 

Presentation should be neat in all written work, as a school we expect presentation to be of a similar level regardless of the subject. Handwriting and spelling are often taught together to reinforces the visual and motor elements of both skills. Teachers do not use a commercial scheme of work for spelling.  Spelling words are set individually for each child and taken from words within reading books, topic, the child’s own writing and the expected spelling words for that year level.