At The Royal School, science is taught through cross-curricular topics and outdoor education whenever possible. This allows children to add relevance and make connections across learning areas. We encourage children in foundation stage, KS1 and KS2 to play and experiment scientifically. This is facilitated by providing an environment rich with questions and readily available equipment and resources to assist in planning and finding an answer to those questions. Each class will work through a predominantly science-based topic each year, and all other topics will have links to science.

The time spent on focused science teaching equates to approximately 60-90 minutes each week. Sometimes, lessons may be blocked together for extended sessions rather than teaching being limited to just one hour per day. Science may also be taught daily during specific topics and then less frequently at other times of year.

We assess children’s progress and attainment in science, based purely on the objectives for science and do not allow literacy skills to be a barrier to achievement in science

We encourage curiosity of natural phenomena and child-led experiments and investigations, giving children the opportunity to drive their own learning.  We have a science fair each year that showcases children’s individual experiments and investigations.

Across the school teachers choose resources that are relevant for their own class.  Children in Key Stage 1 complete a Star award for Science and children in Keystage 2 complete a Superstar award in Science.