Physical Education


Teachers plan two PE classes each week during summer terms. One lesson is a skills-based, and one is a fitness lesson.These skills-based units include invasion games, dance, gymnastics and a range of other sports. Each unit aims to develop a variety of skills to enable our children to have the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities.

During the winter months, teachers may deliver a 20-minute fitness lesson each day as well as the 1-hour skills-based teaching.  This is to ensure that our children continue to be active throughout the period when they may not get as much outdoor playtime.

Children in Year 4 participate in the bikeability scheme.

We offer several afterschool and lunchtime sports clubs. In the past we have operated, running club, multisport club, gymnastics, wake up shake up, yoga.  This year we will be offering a fencing club for the first time.