Personal, social, health and economic education


Throughout school, our children, (including those in Reception) children to begin to understand how their brains work and how this understanding can support their mental health. Each class has a “worry box” in the classroom, and any worries placed their guide the teacher in planning relevant activities and discussions to support mental and emotional health. As well as this, each class engages in weekly Circle Time or Class Meetings to ensure they have a healthy sense of belonging and self-worth within our school. All staff in the school work to ensure that children feel they have control and are listened to. We promote the universal declaration of human rights and have a celebratory attitude when considering difference.

As a school, we regularly support charities, with the school council, choosing which charities we will focus on each year.

Relationship and Sex Education, as outlined as appropriate for primary aged children in the current draft guidance is provided through assemblies and integrated into the curriculum.  At times teachers may decide there is a need for a specific lesson to be delivered to ensure that an item of content is delivered clearly.  For example “keeping safe online” is taught in class to ensure it is specific to the needs of the cohort.

From the start of the year, our Year 4 children are given additional responsibilities to prepare them for Middle School. They all take a turn at leading worship, and each pupil chooses and applies for a position of responsibility during the first term.

In year three children become buddies to the reception children; this supports our new children to settle quickly and creates a caring ethos around the school and in the playground. Children continue to be buddies as they move into Year 4 and reception moves into Year 1; this gives consistency as children transition from foundation stage to Year 1.

Economic education is delivered through our integrated topics within each class.  Children in Year 3 have the opportunity to plan and set up a “business opportunity” as a fundraiser during the school year.