Induction and Transfer Process

Visits for Prospective Parents

One of the best ways to help prospective parents chose a school is to come and visit when the school is in operation. We hold regular open mornings for any parents who wish to come and look around. We provide a tour led by our Year 4 children and then a talk by the Headteacher. 

Induction Process

When you are offered a place at The Royal School you will be sent a letter from the school. You will be invited to some induction sessions so that your child has the opportunity to familiarise themselves with our school. On the final session there will be a welcome session with the Headteacher, class teacher and other representatives from the school's organisations. This will give you a perfect chance to ask any questions. 

As part of the transition for children in the local area from nursery to The Royal School our reception staff visit nurseries  during June and July. They meet the children that will be transferring in the following September and show them photographs of the school.

Transfer to the Windsor Middle Schools 

The Local Educational Association handles admissions to the next school after The Royal School. Parents are requested to complete a Common Application Form stating their preference. There is an opportunity to visit all four of the Windsor Middle schools in Year 4 before parents make their choice.