The Royal School Curriculum Overview

At The Royal School, we understand the importance of a well-rounded, fulfilling curriculum to prepare our pupils for the next stage of education, and for their present and future role as global citizens.

This document describes how we deliver our curriculum at each phase and in each subject, including, personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE).

The Royal School Curriculum uses the National Curriculum of England to outline the knowledge base of the curriculum, but equal emphasis is placed on skills development. Our school vision shapes The Royal School Curriculum.


Our mission statement describes how we do things at The Royal School on a daily basis. We are:

Learning to love, loving to learn, guided by God.


Our vision statement describes where we are heading and outlines our purpose – the reason why we do things at The Royal School.

At The Royal School, our vision is to light up our communities and the world through being - the best we can be – resourceful - independent and resilient - generous of spirit - honest and - team players


Our school mission statement and vision statement encapsulate the ethos that is held consistently by all members of our learning community. It was created and developed by us all over the period between 2016 and 2019, and it underpins everything that goes on at The Royal School.


We have a “growth mindset” in our school, and our vision links to Guy Claxton's "Seven Cs". Claxton and Bill Lucas having looked internationally, promote curriculums that prepare children for the future to be contributing members of society rather than towards an assessment or examination focus. The seven C’s that form the basis of the character curriculum that they describe are Curiosity, Collaboration, Commitment, Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Craftsmanship.


The Royal School Vision statement

How does this show in our curriculum and pedagogy?

Which of the seven Cs does this link to?

The best we can be

There is an expectation that everyone will try hard.

We are committed to learning and children will get the opportunity to try things over again many times and learn from both mistakes and successes.

Our curriculum supports us to be expert communicators.

Our curriculum gives us the opportunity to, be reflective, think deeply, practice different types of thinking and develop metacognitive skills.






Our curriculum helps us to look after the things that we have.

It gives us opportunities to be curious and develop our own line of questions.

We often get the chance to go from an idea to reality (being creative).

We know that today matters for every pupil and regardless of age we can create and contribute to change with our own ideas



Independent and resilient

Our curriculum gives us the opportunity to try things for ourselves and be confident as learners.

We value learning from mistakes, and it builds our confidence to try something again.

We encourage opportunities for self-discipline.

We say yes to challenge.

We don’t say “can’t,” we say “not yet.”


Gracious of spirit

Our curriculum gives opportunities for us to give of our time and talents to benefit others.

We learn to look for those who’s voice may not be heard and use our time and talents to give a voice when we can.

We believe that the opportunities to recognise social injustice and to think creatively about working towards social justice is part of a balanced education.

We believe children can contribute to society as children – they do not need to wait to participate.



Our curriculum gives opportunities to be honest with ourselves (looking after our own well-being and mental health) and to be honest with others to promote and facilitate collaboration


Team Players

Our curriculum promotes building skills to work together so that all achieve



The Royal School is a caring and inclusive school. We are passionate about educating each child in a way that meets their individual needs. This is possible at our school as we have a team of committed adults with a shared ethos allowing a consistent approach to teaching, learning and behaviour management.

We set extremely high expectations for all staff and children, ensuring that each child can be the best that they can. We play to strengths and celebrate success. We continually strive for excellence and provide a carefully planned, exciting and curriculum which ensures that progression and challenge are embedded in all learning. We celebrate diversity.

We use a topic-based integrated curriculum that challenges the children to apply learning to a variety of contexts, solving problems, working alone and co-operating with others. We are passionate that children are allowed to be the best that they can be and we focus on their strengths to motivate and develop their enthusiasm for learning. Through play-based learning, investigative and experiential hands-on learning projects, we aim to build life-long learners who possess the curiosity and confidence to explore, and the resilience to succeed. We utilise our excellent environment to offer outdoor opportunities to enrich the curriculum in a variety of ways. We use planting beds, a pond, gardens, woodland areas, an outdoor classroom and expansive fields and parklands, all on our doorstep.

Visitors are regularly invited into school to offer expertise and enhance what our own staff can provide for children.

When the school day ends, our commitment continues with the offer of an exciting range of clubs and activities. These change each term and endeavour to meet the requirements of all ages and interests.