British Values

Promoting fundamental British values

The fundamental British values that should be embedded in schools are:

  •      Democracy
  •      The Rule of Law
  •      Individual liberty
  •      Mutual Respect and tolerance.


We believe that The Royal School’s ethos embeds and interweaves British Values through our curriculum provision including regular collective worship, school council meetings, our buddy system, engagement with our community, our international links, our roles and responsibilities and celebration of diversity. The fundamental British values link closely to our vision statement

Examples of how each year group promotes these values and prepares our pupils for life in modern Britain can be seen in the curriculum overviews. We encourage pupil voice through an active school council who have regular meetings and projects throughout the school year. This year we will also hold half-termly, house circle groups. In these circles a “Big Question” discussed and debated. Children also complete a survey at the end of each half term to ensure we are listening to every voice in the school.  The Royal School recognises the multi-cultural, multi-faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom and understands the role which both the staff and pupils have to ensure that we both promote and uphold these values throughout the year.