Ofsted Reports

What are the changes we are making?
Under a new headship we are striving for excellence. We aim for Ofsted to see what a great school we are with our many and varied outsanding features. 

"The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are very polite, friendly and courteous. Their behaviour is consistently good in lessons and around the school, and ensures that lunchtimes and breaks are calm and orderly. They show respect for each other and for adults and relationships are strong."

"There are strong links with parents, and this ensures a smooth entry to the school and helps children to settle quickly into new routines. Parents who spoke to the inspector said that their children are well cared for and safe in school. Parents are happy with the progress their children make."

"The relationships in the classroom are particularly strong, with good pupil engagement and opportunities for them to develop their speaking and listening skills." Ofsted 2014